FACCC was incorporated in 2005 specifically to:

  • promote in the United States an understanding and appreciation of craft and design in the tradition of the English Arts and Crafts Movement, and, more particularly, such movement as it was practiced by the designers and craftspeople working in Chipping Campden and the surrounding region of the north Cotswolds, England, from the turn of the last century through today; 
  • support, as appropriate, the charitable, cultural and educational activities of registered charitable organizations in England, such as the Guild of Handicraft Trust (the “GoHT”), which are at the forefront of this effort in England; and
  • foster the activities of craft and design in such spirit in the present day.

AFACCC’s primary activity currently is to raise funds to support its grants, the first of which is dedicated to the GoHT (see Grant section).

Sponsored Events

AFACCC also has sponsored, and intends to continue to sponsor, lectures, symposia, or exhibitions on Arts and Crafts topics (including talks and other presentations by English scholars in America). It hosts website-provided information, and it collaborates with similar organizations and programs, primarily in the USA, all in support of its underlying mission.

Specifically, during the spring and summer of 2006, AFACCC hosted a series of lectures in Asheville, NC and San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA on William Morris, the seminal architect of the Arts and Crafts Movement, by Alan Crawford, a major English scholar. Mr. Crawford is also the biographer of C. R. Ashbee (the founder of the Guild of Handicraft, based in Chipping Campden), which biography won the Duff Cooper Memorial Prize and the Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award. He is a frequent contributor to international conferences and a consultant on numerous exhibitions. He is currently writing a book on the history of the Arts & Crafts Movement in England.

In October 2007, AFACCC co-sponsored a lecture by Nancy Green, senior curator at the Hubert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, on “Shared Dreams: Partnerships of the Arts and Crafts Movement” at the Grolier Club in New York City. In offering this lecture, AFACCC teamed up with The William Morris Society of America, The Craftsman Farms Foundation, and The Victorian Society in America, with which individually and collectively it hopes to collaborate extensively in the future. A partial list of these and other organizations devoted to the Arts and Crafts movement is set out in the sidebar at right. Click on a name to visit its website.